Monday, April 30

The Beauty of Benefit Erase Paste

OK, yep, so I know it's another Benefit product but I can't help it I love them! The packaging is so pretty and the products are great too, I swear by BadGal Lash mascara... but anyway, this blog post is all about Benefit Erase Paste.

It comes in a little purple pot with a little plastic application spoon which I never use so haven't photographed here. I actually wasn't too sure about this concealer when I first saw the colour of it in the pot. It's really bright and very tan but as you can see from the swatch below almost disappears when on your skin. This is because the cream is very thin and light. 

This means that, really it's not that fab at covering up any mega blemishes (I have to get out the industrial strength concealers for that) but great for brightening under eyes and concealing redness. Have you tried it? What do you think? I think it's a nice every day use product which merges well with my skin.

Have a fab day girls, Love love x

Love LauraClaire

Sunday, April 29

Benefit tinted moisturizer: which Rebel are you?

Hi girlies! 

This post is all about one of my favourite cosmetics brands.. you guessed it Benefit! Suprise Suprise! 
Today I'm going to be talking about the two versions; You Rebel and You Rebel Lite that the lovely ladies at Benefit offer. 
For those that don't know You Rebel is a tinted moisturizer that can be used in place of foundation. It's something I find great to put on if you just popping to the corner shop or out and about in Summer when you already have a gorgeous glow.

I bought both versions and, as you can see from the above photos, they've been well used! I feel that my skin tone falls somewhere in the middle of both of these colours. The original You Rebel has very dark orangy colour which was a bit worrying the first time I started to put it on. However I use it sparingly and apply a light covering with a make sure to smooth out and it looks great. It gives me just a little bit of a tanned glow but without the heaviness of foundation.

I use the You Rebel light in Autumn/Winter when my tan has faded (sad face) and I just want something to even out my face and give a hint of tan. What I also like about having both colours is they are perfect for colour mixing. I often mix a little of each colour and use more of one on certain areas of my face.

As with all Benefit products, I love them! They go everywhere with me in my make up bag.
A pair of very well travelled tinted moisurizers darling!

Love LauraClaire

Saturday, April 28

What's in my Jewellery box?

Hiya guys! I'm so proud of my jewellery box that I thought I'd share it with you. The jewelley box itself I picked up in House of Fraser. It's a Stacker jewellery box.  This means that you get your starting box which has a lid and then you add other stackable sections to it as and when you need to. It's a 'create your own jewellery box'!. I have 6 stacks but am already needing more space!

My favs in my jewellery box at the moment are:
Can you find them from the photos above? I think some may be a bit tricky to spot, sorry!
What do you think of my Jewellery collection? I'd love to see what gorgeous pieces you have so please share!

Love LauraClaire

Friday, April 27

Accessorize nail wraps

Hi guys! Hope you're all well. Thought I'd show you my new favourite nail love... nail wraps. Yep, ok so I'm a bit late to the craze, my bestie bought me these metalic leopard print wraps for my Birthday last year and I just haven't had anything special enough to try them for. 

These ones are Accessorize Metalic nail wraps and come in a little thin pack shown in the photo above. You pull out the nail strips and are suppose to cut each strip exactly to your nail size. Finding this far too tricky for lil old me I just roughly cut and adjusted once on the nail. I managed to put on all these wraps in about the same time it takes to do two coats of nail polish, not too bad I thought. I did get lots of little bits of sticky left over though which I had to pick off my fingers and carpet! oops!

My verdict so far is Nail Wraps are fab! 
They are easy to put on, and will get easier with practice, they're pretty much big stickers for your nails. 
Keep an eye out for my YouTube video in a weeks time when I will be reviewing how long lasting they are :)

Love LauraClaire

Thursday, April 26

My favourites from Warehouse this season

My new work is far too close to a House of Fraser for my own good and on my way home I couldn't help but pop in! I had a browse around but fell in love with pretty much all of the gorgeous spring season dresses at Warehouse. Which ones are your favourites? These are two that I LOVE so I just had to show you.

Keep my fashion work-focused I chose two dresses that were beautiful and bright but that were covering and structured enough to be corporate. I LOVE the butterfly dress with its gorgeous bright print and fresh spring look. I also liked the cute little cap sleeves too and the cut of the dress at the back. Has anyone bought this dress yet? is it comfy to wear all day? And I also chose the soft yellow pastel dress was also very on trend and extra cute in lace. I would work great with a light pastel green blazer and nude heels.

Love LauraClaire

Tuesday, April 24

My top 5 heels from this seasons Miss Selfridge

Saffi Black Closed Toe Court
Sassy Coral Court Shoe
WooWoo Bow Front
BLINKY Purple Heeled Boot
Willa Yellow Rafia Wedge

Love love love Miss Selfridge!

Love LauraClaire

Making a good impression outfit


Coat: TKMax
Dress: Joy
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Barratts
Bracelet: leaving gift!

I wore this outfit on the first day at my new job :) Do you think I chose right? What do you wear to work?

Love LauraClaire

Spring Fling Outfit lookbook

Diamonte Clasp Hard Bag, Warehouse
Flies Ring,
Spot flippy dress, TopShop
Lips in Nevada: Pale Nude, TopShop
Pink Perspex block heel sandals - RiverIsland
Heart ring, ASOS 
Squiggle Heart Stud Earrings, ASOS 
Italic Initial L Charm Bracelet, ASOS


Love LauraClaire

Monday, April 23

Tempted by sparkle lashes

I'm like a little magpie when it comes to make up and beauty bars. So when I popped into Superdrug the other day this product Glitter Lashes by Barry M caught my eye immediately. I haven't seen anything like it before and liked the idea. Is this something new or is it just me? Do any other brands do something like this?
There were a number of different sparkle colours but I chose a pretty Purple glitter.

You twist the tip to push the glitter out and onto the brush tip. I applied my mascara and let it dry before brushing on the glitter. It doesn't give your lashes the biggest sparkle ever but the effect is quite subtle and does catch the light during the day I noticed. It's funny though because I bought it thinking it would be great for party lashes but it doesnt really seem to show up at all unless in daylight.

Overall I love the idea and think it's cute little gimmick if you have a few penny to spend but I wouldn't recommend it as a best buy girlies. What do you think? 

Love LauraClaire

Hello Sailor! Misguided lookbook


Chantie Scallop Collar Nautical Playsuit 

Simone Platform High Heeled Shoe in Camel

Hanina LOVE Metal Ring

MissTique Teal Nail Splash


All Items from

  Love LauraClaire


Sunday, April 22

What I wore today

Vest Top: Allsaints
Jeans: Mango
Cardigan: Wallis
Heels: Barratts
Bag: Paul's Boutique with own find vintage scarf
Necklace: Topshop

Love LauraClaire

Benefit Glamourette compact

Hi Gorgeous Girlies, Happy Sunday!

Right sooo, I got this beautiful Benefit compact a good while back now as a present from my lovely mummy. It's been sitting on my shelf for ages and from time to time I like getting it out and admiring it. It has a little tote bag to keep it in, three mirrors, a blush, a power and a lipstick. The problem is.. it's to special to use! 

I love the detail that's gone into making it, the vintage design and the cute little compartments and mirrors everywhere. So, as it's given me endless pleasure despite not being able to bring myself to use it, I thought it do the same for you <3

Love LauraClaire

Saturday, April 21

Ruby & Millie's matching tones for pretty eyes

I love two tone eyes and love Ruby & Millie's eye shadow pens which are always in my pink make up bag (as you can see as I bought two! oops!). I bought the purple tones pen and the black and silver tone pen. They're great for when your doing your eyes on the way to work (which i'm always doing) and easy to use as the applicator and eyeshadow are all in one.

The swatches below show how well the two colours compliment each other I think. Because the eyeshadow is fairly loose in its little pot its easy to get at too. I like to put the lighter shade on the inner part of my lid and then use the applicator to merge the darker shade on the outer part of the lid. I also put the lighter shade under my bottom lids and then more of the darker shade on the top lid.

These are the only Ruby & Millie products i've tried though. Are there any others i'm missing out on? 
Let me know what I need to try next! 
Lots of love <3

Love LauraClaire

Friday, April 20

A kiss from Dr Feelgood

How lucky am I to have such a lovely best friend. After getting so much enviable makeup for Christmas she gave me some lovely bits as a treat. One of my favs was this cute little set from Benefit collection Dr FeelGood. One is a silky soft moisurising lip balm and the other is buffing lip beads to give your lips a bit of TLC. I'm always applying lip balms, tip tints and lipsticks but never think to exfoliate my lips. I don't know about you but It's never really even crossed my mind. 

I decided to give it a go though and am glad I did. Each night for about a week now I've been buffing my little lips and then moisturising them and have noticed my lips feeling smoother. It does feel very strange the first few times you buff and wash off, I sort of felt like I was giving my lips a mini facial every night. But it makes sense, especially for girls who like lipstick like me, as rough lips and lipsticks are so frustrating!

Love LauraClaire

Thursday, April 19

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My Spring MAC lipstick choice

My favourite MAC lipstick , Frost Odyssey A30 is all used up. So, without hesitation, I made a trip to the MAC shop to buy my lovely reliable brownish plum coloured usual. But instead I saw this gorgeous bright pink and couldn't help myself. It's called Amplified Full Fuchia A27 from MAC. 

MACs Amplified Full Fuchia A27

Like most girlie girls I'm attracted to anything bright and pink and I love the colour on my lips. MAC lipsticks are really creamy which is great because they don't dry out my lips. I think it's a pretty colour Spring too. I'm planning to wear it with a crisp white Tee, blue jeans and black pumps. Pink lipsticks make happy girls :) 

Love LauraClaire

Going to Lunch outfit LookBook


Love LauraClaire

Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash

Hi Girlies! So I just had to do a quick blog about my favourite beauty product at the moment from L'oreal Paris. I saw the Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash ages ago in an advert on TV and wanted to try it out from then. I chose the 'soothing' variety for dry/sensitive skin and like the cute pink bottle. The foaming cream itself is actually white.

You pop the mini white scrubblet out from the middle of the bottle and put a pea sized amount of the cream on and start scrubbing. I was shocked how bubbly and foamy just a pea size gives you. The scrubber is made of really soft rubber and has tiny little bumps over it so it exfoliates your skin softly. The cream smells lovely too, it's a really soft but fresh and flowery smell. And when your all squeeky clean you just clean off the scrubber and pop it back in!

Love LauraClaire

I'm on Blog lovin

Wednesday, April 18

Pretty in Pink outfit lookbook

Lipsy Jel Suede Platform Shoe Boots
ASOS Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch
ASOS Skater Dress With Lace Detail
Oasis Mop Bow Necklace
ASOS Metal Keeper Patent Super Skinny Waist Belt
ASOS Italic Initial L Charm Bracelet
Oasis Mini Flower Clips

Love LauraClaire

Barry M Dazzle Dust collection

I think every girl has atleast one Barry M Dazzle Dusts in their makeup bag. These are the five I have in mine. I've got two shades of shimmery Green, a sparkly Gold and shiny Blue and a Matte Purple. What about you? My eyes are Hazel so I love wearing autumn tones and purples to make them stand out. I love the cute little pots and because the pigment is loose it's so easy to create bright shimmery evening eyes.

 From left to right: Blue 68, Green 72, Purple 99, Dark Green 14 and Gold 39


Dazzle Dust eyeshadows can be quite hard to apply sometimes though. So many times I've put too much on my brush and ended up covering my undereye and cheeks in pigment. A little trick my dear friend told me is to apply Vaseline to your lids before application. It works great! You can also put a little pigment into the cap and add a touch of water to it. This makes it less dusty but just as dazzling.
Any tips or tricks I'm missing out on please let me know!

Have a lucky and pretty day

Love LauraClaire

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