Sunday, April 22

Benefit Glamourette compact

Hi Gorgeous Girlies, Happy Sunday!

Right sooo, I got this beautiful Benefit compact a good while back now as a present from my lovely mummy. It's been sitting on my shelf for ages and from time to time I like getting it out and admiring it. It has a little tote bag to keep it in, three mirrors, a blush, a power and a lipstick. The problem is.. it's to special to use! 

I love the detail that's gone into making it, the vintage design and the cute little compartments and mirrors everywhere. So, as it's given me endless pleasure despite not being able to bring myself to use it, I thought it do the same for you <3

Love LauraClaire

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  1. Thank you for the blog post! I came here curious about this project and I meant to read and leave until I saw that note you put under 'post a comment'. It encouraged me to write a comment. You have a cute personality.

    Have a nice day!



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