Saturday, April 28

What's in my Jewellery box?

Hiya guys! I'm so proud of my jewellery box that I thought I'd share it with you. The jewelley box itself I picked up in House of Fraser. It's a Stacker jewellery box.  This means that you get your starting box which has a lid and then you add other stackable sections to it as and when you need to. It's a 'create your own jewellery box'!. I have 6 stacks but am already needing more space!

My favs in my jewellery box at the moment are:
Can you find them from the photos above? I think some may be a bit tricky to spot, sorry!
What do you think of my Jewellery collection? I'd love to see what gorgeous pieces you have so please share!

Love LauraClaire

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