Thursday, May 31

Calling all Hair Monsters...

Hi Girlies, It's finally Friday! Hurrah! 

A little while ago I made a YouTube video about my how I style my hair and my love of  got2b products from Schwarzkopf. It was my first ever video actually, so a bit awkward I think lol. Anyways, their glued hair spray is so fab and gives a really strong hold. I also use their Powderful power which really volumizes. 

So I was suprised when the lovely people at Schwarzkopf saw my video and contacted me recommending I do my own clip for their 'How do you tame your hair monster?' competition at

The main prize is to become a guest presenter for TheMuseTV. On top of that there are other neat giveaways every 10 days including TopShop, iTunes and Jack Wills voucher and lots of great Got2b products! With prizes like that I couldn't not :) If you like Got2B products and want to win some good prizes enter too.

Oh and also... Please vote for me!

Love LC 

oops I mean Frizzilla <3 hehehe

Peplum trend for girls with hips!

Hi Girlies, hope you're all well and enjoying the fact that we have an extra long weekend ahead of us... tonight boyf is taking me late night shopping and tonight I shall be buying a peplum top, most likely from River Island, though I did love one I saw in Miss Selfridge!

I tried it on and fell in love with peplum all over again! I'd stayed well clear after buying a grey peplum dress and forgetting that whatever the trend.. you MUST stick to your body shape. My body shape is hour glass. I'm bless with a nice small waist but my bum and hips are nearing the size of a back end of a bus! hehehehe So, the peplum dress did not work wonders for me as the extra layer around the waist and over the hips just amplified the area I try most to dull down.

So these are my peplum rules for all wider hipped lovelies out there..

What have I put in the sin bin? Well, not all peplum tops will work to your advantage if your an hourglass or a wide hipped lovely. Low/untailored tops like the one above from Topshop fall too low and miss out your teeny waist which must be shown off. Peplum dresses are next as they add extra material just in the place where you need it least. This makes your waist look less defined and your hips bigger. The same can be said with high waisted skirts, as pretty as they look, they are a one to avoid if you are concious of your ample hips and butt.

Embrace Peplum tops to the Max! Peplum doesn't have to mean dress. Peplum tops are often cheaper and will emphasise your little waist and float gently above your hips creating a gorgeous curve. And choosing thicker material tops will add more structure too. As you can see above, there is plenty of choice too so go wild with structured and tailored peplums... trust me, the effects are great! 

So, now it's over to you... What do you think? Do you agree you hour glasses and wide hipped girlies? Do you think that's silly and all peplums are practically perfect! Let me know, I'd love to know you're thoughts <3

Love LC

Wednesday, May 30

Colour Co-ordinate Darlings

I'm in love with the co-ords trend at the moment. In a post I did earlier this week I talked about my favourite clothing items but for this post I thought I'd take it one step further with something I love doing... co-ordinating accessories with makeup. To show this I've taken the beautiful bags from TopShop and their gorgeous colour lipsticks.

I think it's something that often gets forgotten about but can look amazing! A bright pop of colour on your lips to match a bright clutch is uber cute on a night out.

 P.S. <3 the Coral Lady Stud Bow Bag!

Love LC

Cosmetics for the price of a Magazine!

Can you tell It's the last week till payday for me? hehe, yep! I get paid on Friday... WOOOOO I'm more excited than you can imagine as it will be my first pay cheque from my new job and I've waited over 6 weeks for it so it should be a goodun.. boyf and I have already planned our weekend shopping trip :) 

Anyway, back to beauty...I've always known about natural collection products but never bought anything from them bar a little eyeshadow in my early teens. I was on task to buy a shampoo in boots at the weekend when I walked past the display and was drawn in by the large red £2 sign (i do love a bargin!).

£2 girls, 2 quid, 2 squid, 2 poundage!!! Pretty much everything on display was the same price as a glossy magazine. It was amazaballs.

So, of course, I treated myself to just one thing (very restrained!) the Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls in Tropical Tan. This might sound insane but I'd never used bronzing pearls before, I don't know why really but £2 to try them was a perfect 'I must by this now' reason. As you can see from the photo the colour is bronze is very warm and when applied is light and fine. After dropping a few pearls on the floor and crushing on under foot I realised that if you shake em up they crush all by them selves and make it easier to apply. That did actually take me a few days to work out embarressingly! 

I've been using it all week and I think it's a fab colour and just as good as any other bronzer but with a much better price tag. 

Have an amazing Wednesday girlies, happy hump day and only three days left until the long Jubilee weekend! The count down has well and truely begun. :)

Love LC

Monday, May 28

The best from the co-ordinates trend

From left to right: Warehouse, TopShop, River Isand

I've been eager to buy a blazer and shorts Co-ord combo since the trend hit the high street. I first saw it in River Island with an extra cute matching floral blazer, top and shorts. These are my top three favourite Co-ord outfits from the trend. 

1. Warehouse matching floral skirt and crop top. The high waist pencil skirt is gorgeous on its own and would be a perfect summer wardrobe staple for work. I love fitted pencil skirts for work but get bored of plain black. This one with its pretty pattern gives it a summery girly look with the structure all good pencil skirts bring. The little crop top is just short enough to hint and a midrift which I love. Some girls have the stomach to pull off a full 90's Spice Girls crop top but I think the teasing amount on show with this outfit is sexier. 

2. The beautful soft colour was what attracted me to this Topshop blazer and shorts co-ord. The colour is bang on the pastel trend this Summer and is such a pretty subtle colour. I'd wear the jacket open and match with a white blouse and white plimsolls for a double match. 

3. As the Jubilee is just around the corner I couldn't not pick this kitsch printed blazer and top. I do absolutely ADORE the print, it's so British and the peach pink trim and inner is very well matched. River Island do a really great range of co-ords and this one is perfect for standing out just as much as the Queen on the big day. :) 

 From left to right: Dorothy Perkins, Missguided, Forever 21

4. Dorothy Perkins rocking the retro double denim co-ord. Mixing it up here with a double denim look, I think it would look great at a festival with flowers in your hair, cons and an oversized vest top.

5 I love the way this daring bright crop top and high waisted shorts combo looks on the model but I don't know if I'd be confident enough to wear it myself. My pins aren't that perfect hehe. All the same I LOVE it, love the bright colour splatters and it looks great on bronzed skin. Thumbs up for Missguided

6. I no, it's another pink co-ord. Sorry I couldn't help myself. This high waisted shorts and blazer co-ord from Forever 21 is too cute. Love the soft but bright pink and the short tux style blazer.

What will you be wearing on Jubilee day? Any followers of the Co-ord trend?

Love LC

Sunday, May 27

City Chic Lookbook

Sandals: Warehouse
Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: River Island
Tote: River Island
Jewellery: Accessorize

Love LC

Friday, May 25

The Perfect Summer Blusher

The perfect summer blusher for me has got to be Coralista from the amazing Benefit.

The colour is very subtle, especially on my skin tone. I don't like to put too much blusher on during hot Summer days because my cheeks get fairly pink of their own accord!

The blush colour looks much lighter and pinker than in the photo. That's why I like Coralista, it's sheer and shimmer highlights my cheeks and the pretty pink tone is 'barely there' visible for me.

As always the packaging is gorgeous and the Applicator brush good quality and soft. I use it for contouring because of its flat shape.

This is always my summer blusher of choice, and as you can see from the photo below, it's already had a fair bit of use!

Love LauraClaire

Thursday, May 24

A French Manicure Kit Worth Having

Heya Girlies <3

I got this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal from my parents at Christmas and thought it would be a great product to blog about. After trying it out numerous times I can officially say.. It's the BEST manicure kit I've tried. A bold statement I know but let me explain. :)

Point 1. The main tag line of Sally Hansen nail polishes is 'Hard as Nails' and this is totally true. Usually with home painted frenches they chip and crack within just a few days but Sally's seem to last me nearly all week. I'm somebody who is rough and generally unloving to my nails too so I am impressed.

Point 2. The little kit has everything you need for salon quality nails. Sticky guides in curved and straight lines, white tip polish and pink polish. The white polish is applied first and is so easy to do with the strips. I was also pleased with the generous amount of strips provided which will last you well over 100 polishes if you were careful.

Point 3. As simple as it is, the white nail polish consistancy is perfect. It's sticky and thick and means you're not putting coat after coat of the stuff on. In contrast to that the pink polish is thin and shimmery and makes your nails look shimmery pink but still natural.

Point 4. People have asked me if I've had a salon manicure. Yep, the final point has to be the compliments I've recieved of course! I've had lots of girls ask where I had my nails done and all look back dumbstruck with disbelief when i've told them I can actually paint french nails (on both hands) with a straight white line. Big thumbs up there!

I actually had a compliment today about 'where I had my nails done?' which inspired this post :)

Love LC

Wednesday, May 23

The Beauts from the AllSaints Collection

Above from Allsaints

Trend: tan, warm, faded, embellishment, coral, pastel pinks, beige, washed out, worn.
Love LC

Tuesday, May 22

Eyebrow Shaping and Shading 101


What a 
Difference a Brow Makes

Brows are such an important part of your face, something ladies who shave their eyebrows off soon realise. They frame your face and are an important part of its symmetry. After plucking and general shaping I would recommend any girlie whether dark or light eyebrowed to invest in an eyebrow pencil. My brows are particularily dark but as you can see from the before and after shots above a little drawing make a whole lot of difference!

Step 1. Grab a makeup brush and hold it up to the side of your nose. Where is touches the inner corner of your brow shows you where to start shading in.

Step 2. Next angle the brush along to the middle of your eye whilst keeping its end close to your nose. The brush should be covering your iris right in the very centre of your eye. The arch of your brow is the point at which the brush hits your eyebrow.

Step 3. Now angle the brush further along to the outer corner of your eye. The shows the point where your eyebrow should end.

Step 4. Use these guidelines to draw in your eye brows on each side. Many articles I've read instruct that you mimic hairs by drawing on 'light feathery strokes' but I prefer to gently tone the area, building up colour by lightly shading in from the very central line of the brow first. Whatever works best for you.

Love LC

Quick Brow Shaping Tips Video

Monday, May 21

French Manicure Glitter Tips!

With all the amazing nail art that's been coming about recently like the Ciate Caviar Manicures I was inspired to have a go myself. I got out my Sally Hansen french manicure kit and a pot of glitter and had a go at glitter tips! Not quite the professional Caviar Manicure I no, but fun to do!

Have a look at my Pinterest for some truely inspiring nail art

A thumbs up for Effort Anyway!

Love LC

Sunday, May 20

The Pitter Patter of Pastel heels

Hi girlies, went browsing around Next in Oxford St the other day and caught sight of these beauts!

Pastel colours are so on trend right now and these heels are too cute I think. The colours are so soft and dainty and the heel size and court style is very demure.

I found them on the Next website when I got home. They are called suede mid heel court shoes (not the most inventive name!) and cost £38.00 The colours are Pastel Pink and Mink. I really like the Mink colour, I think it would look lovely with a pair of light skinny fit jeans and summer top. They had two 5* reviews on the Next website too saying how comfortable they were. Next heels tend to be soooo comfy.

Might just have to be on my PayDay shopping list. What do you think?

Love LC

Saturday, May 19

Tan Battle: Sponge Application

Model Co. Sun Sponge: £34.00

Website Description Reads:
"The revolutionary SUNSPONGE CUSTOM SELF TAN, the first ever ergonomically designed self tan applicator with a high-performance formula delivering your own customized tan with built in bronzer.

The formula adjusts to each individual’s skin tone, activating a deep, natural-looking tan that lasts for days. The tinted, lightweight formula delivers an instant, sheer bronze glow, for a streak-free application, while the self-tanner develops & intensifies, leaving you with your richest, longest-lasting tan yet. Enriched with Fructiplex™, helps to combat the drying effects of the DHA tanning agent & nourishes, soothes & protects your skin with the moisturising benefits of Wild Rose Hip, Apricot & Palm Tree Extract."

When I found this tan from Model Cosmetics I squeeled (inside) because I'd never seen a tan that was specially designed like this. A fake tan that has its own sponge applicator. The possibilities were endless to me: no more orange palms, a dark gorgeous tan, a applicator that would make it easy to tan your entire body! It was tanning excitement round my flat, ask my boyf. hehe

I think the idea is great. The plastic is shaped so it's easy to hold and comes with a neat little sponge cover so your sorted! However, I wouldn't recommend leaving the tan on its side like I have. As you can see from the photo it began to leak at the plastic seam which was a bit annoying. It does stand up alright though so when stood upright it is fine.  

The tan liquid is very light weight like the description says and lighter colour than most fake tans. It's quite water and when rubbed on gives a thin layer of colour. The sponge head was more difficult to use than I initially thought. The tan can only be successfuly applied when the bottle is upside down allowing the tan to flow into the sponge. Tanning my legs was fine but I found it tricky to tan my arms as I naturally kept the applicator upright.

It's a perfect tan for girls looking for a tan that looks natural on your skin. I think this would benefit somebody with fairer skin as the formula would adjust to their skin tone instead of just plastering them bronze. As my skin is more olive I didn't think the tan gave me enough bronze. Though maybe I'm just so used to looking absolutely 'baked' that I didn't like the fact that the tan looked real huh!

A good natural looking tan 7/10


Creightons Bronze Ambition: Bronze me mousse £2.99

Website Description Reads:
"An instant tanning mousse which creates an instant tan in seconds, which then grandually developes into a natural looking tan.  Specially formulated with Aloe Vera to keep your skin moisturised, our non-streak formula dries quickly spreading easily across the skin for an even tan coverage"

So, I've chosen two very different sponge applicator tans. One a high end, high priced tan and this one a steal at just £2.99! (tanning glove from Primark) But the question is... does it work?

I can answer that in two words... It's amazaballs! It's sold out on the website which I think says it all. I love this tan, I use it every week without fail, It's the tan I grab and apply quickly and don't worry about how much I rub on because it's just so cheap! The colour is intense though, As you can see from the photos the mousse is bronzed big time but that's good for me :) It's a good tan colour, not orange toned. 

It's downfalls are that is takes a while to dry, and after 10 minutes I'm bored of flapping my arms around and have started getting dress and it's still sticky. The colour you get is immediate which I love but if you wash your hands or get water on yourself anywhere it leaves the area with pale water spots (so no perfume then!). I do tend to paint the tan on thick though so I think if you were more careful this problem would not be so distinct. But, with those downfalls in mind, the colour is good and price is great and overall is a great little everyday-use tan. 

Fab tan for the price: 8/10

Tried either of these tans before? Let me know your thoughts!

Love LauraClaire

Friday, May 18

Simple pull back hair style in 4 easy steps

In the mornings, once I've washed and dried my hair I've usually only a few minutes to work out what to do with it! I'm told I'm lucky because my hair is naturally very straight but I LOVE curly hair and find my hair dull.  So I thought it would be a fun idea to share a bit of hairspiration and give a few easy styles that I do with my hair in the morning.

This is the first in the series. If you've got some hairspiration I'd love to find out about it, leave a comment below of what you do and I'll add it to the list :)

1. Brush hair and style in a side parting.
2. Back comb at roots to add volume and spray with hairspray to fix.
3. Section off a small amount of hair at each temple and pull back over the rest of the hair.
4. Twist and fasten each side with kirby grips.

A quick style in four easy steps.

Love LC

Thursday, May 17

Mud Mask: Rituals Himalya Clay

I do like a bit of pampering so when I got this Rituals Himalya Clay mud mask as a freebie and the station I was pretty pleased! 
The tube reads 'Holy Basil and Black Pepper. Pure detox body clay'. It can be put all over the body but I thought I'd try it as a face mask first. One thing that suprised me is that the instructions say to put onto dry skin. I'm used to most masks instructing for wet or cleaned skin.  You massage into dry skin and leave for 3-5 mins. You can definitely smell the basil and the pepper made my skin tingle. This, mixed with the oriental fragrance made the mask really revialtising the second I put it on. 

One downside I noticed is that it left my skin around my cheeks and nose quite pink. I do have slightly sensitive skin but generally i'm fine with most product. Because of that I don't think I'll use it too much on my face and if I do I'll  only leave it on for a minute of two. It's ashame though as the mask itself is great and will be fine for the rest of the body.

Smiles and thumbs up for Rituals Himalya Clay mud mask!

Love LC

Wednesday, May 16

Pretty in Pink Party Outfit

Dress: Republic
Shoes: TKMax
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Thrift
Rings and Bangles: Primark and Warehouse

Love LC

Zara Duo Eyeshadow Compacts Review

I'd never bought cosmetics from Zara before but noticed their little collection and thought I'd give it a try. I got two Duo Eyeshadows in Negro 800 and ORO 302. I really like the Matte black casing which looks very sleek but I'm finding gets grubby in my make up bag quite quickly because of the matte effect. Each eyeshadow also comes with a mirror which is great as i'm always searching around for my little compact mirror at the bottom of my bag. So all in all very impressed with the quality of casing and quite suprised about the thought that's gone into it.

I chose one matt colour (the black and white duo) and one shimmer colour (the golden hues) just to see which would be better. The pigment is great quality as you can see from the swatches below. I think the shimmer comes out better though. The pigment is quite solid and took some good rubbing to get enough pigment onto my brush. However, I think with time this will become easier!

All in all I would definitely recommend Zara cosmetic products, I was pleasantly suprised at the brilliant quality of both the pigment and the casing.

A good buy and two great little duo eyeshadows <3

Love LC

Tuesday, May 15

Today's Outfit

dress: Zara
tights: Warehouse
shoes: Azuri
cardigan: Warehouse
belt: Jane Norman
necklace: Miss Selfridges

oops.. hole in tights! Classy!

Love LC

Monday, May 14

This Weeks Nail Colour

This weeks nail colour is 'Hot Cerise' from Salon System 'Color with Ceramic'. Salon System nail colors tend to be pretty good as they are provide professional products for beauty therapists, nail technicians, salons and spas. The colour is lovely and doesn't chip or stratch off easily. It did however take three coats which I was a bit suprised about. I usually do only two coats and then a coat of clear on my nails but the colour wasn't defined enoughed. Apart from its thin consistancy Salon System Nail Polishes are a good buy!

Love LauraClaire

Sunday, May 13

MAC Sail La Via Satin Lipstick


My MAC Sail La Via Satin Lipstick

I got it at the weekend. It's a bad idea for me to walk past the MAC counter because something bright and pretty always catches my eye. The lipstick is from the new Hey Sailor! MAC collection. 
Has anyone else got an item from the collection? There were I think three or four different lip colours to choose from.

As always Mac has done a great design job, the lipstick casing is dark blue with white geometric stripes and the photos of gorgeous girls in sailor outfits on the MAC website is too cute. I've been reading some other girlies blogs on this colour and a few are calling the colour a bright red. I'd say its more of an orangy red.. that's why I picked it. I've been looking for an orange/red lipstick for a while and this one was perfect. 

The colour is opaque and non-glossy which does mean its not as kind to your lips as the shimmery MAC lipsticks I've had in the past but is far from drying. A beautiful colour and I'm a happy girlie! Or should that be sailor! hehe

Love LauraClaire
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