Friday, May 11

Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye Review for Dark Brown Hair

Garnier Kit includes:

6.60 creme colour
Bottle shaker and colouring
plastic gloves
Glossy Conditioner

Dying Dark Brown Hair Bright Red

Since the Summer trend last year I've had my hair red. Last year I had it vibrantly red but since then have toned it down to a deeper darker red. It was so fun having a bright red in the Summer though as my hair pretty much glowed in the sun <3 My favourite hair dye is Garnier and the colour I use for my hair is 6.60 Fiery Red. My hair is naturally very dark brown so the colour the red dye gives me is quite a deep red but does still show up nicely.

Dying my Dark Hair Red with Garnier Fiery Red 6.60

My hair is long, it's half way down my back now (eek yay!) and is thick but fine. Even with long thick hair, one Garnier pack does the whole of my hair which is great. I find applying the dye really easy. You put the creme colour into the bottle and shake it all together. you can start to see the red colour coming through. You then put on your gloves and put the creme all over your hair, starting with your scalp first. The smell isn't too awful but I would recommend opening a window just incase. After 35 minutes your done and can wash your hair as normal and apply the intense conditioner. I adore being a Red Head!

In my next blog post I'll be talking about my new colour and a hairstyle I've got back into loving again. Pop back soon to catch up! Lots of love xxx

Love LauraClaire


  1. can you show us a photo of how it came out and what it looked like before you dyed it? :) x

  2. Heya Claudia,

    Of course! New Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye Before and After Post just for you <3

  3. im dying my hair this colour next week and will be doing a blog post about it too if you fancy having a look! :) xxxx

  4. Ooooo too excited, yeah please I'd love to see how it looks on you :) xxxx

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