Friday, June 29

What I Wore this Week

A little sneak peek at what I wore this week. Lots of photos and less text is always the best for a Friday I think! If you'd let to know where I purchased any of my clothes and accessories just hit me a comment and I'll let you know <3

 * Have a fab Friday everyone and an even better Weekend *

Love LauraClaire

Thursday, June 28

Dorothy Perkins Haul

Last Weekend I went to a wedding and it was the most lovely wedding ever. Lots of little cute personal touches and heartwarming speeches (boyf's nan was welling up bless her). We spent the morning rushing around like mad though as Boyf hadn't actually found a suit yet!! So whilst panicing for him I managed to do a spot of shopping for me... naturally!

I found these amazingly beautiful nude spotted mega heels in Dorothy Perkins. They were in the sale too which made them extra beautiful ;) I love the little strap and the soft colour. In the photos they don't actually look as painfully high as they are but walking in them in real life I can assure you they are. I had forgotten what it was like to walk in such high heels but will be wearing them again as they made my calves look lovely and slim lined in the photos.

I also bought a gorgeous deep grey coloured floaty jacket. It has extra material at the front which hangs down nicely in drapes which I love. The material is so soft too and has been intricately tailored so that its a perfect fit. I'm wearing it and my new heels in the photo below... Happy Wedding smile!

 Shoes and top: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Warehouse
Jewellery: New Look
Hair colour: Garnier Nutrisse Fiery Red

Love LC

Tuesday, June 26

Pastels and Floral LookBook

Flower Garlands: Topshop
Dresses: Missguided
Shoes: BooHoo
Jewellery: Forever21
Clutches and Purses: River Island

Heya Girlies, last month I had a poll up on the right hand column of my blog asking what everyone's favourite look was for this Spring. Well, we are now well into Summer so I thought I'd reveal the results. The winner was... Pastels and Florals. Bright Prints and Patterns came in second with not one pretty choosing Leather and Monochrome. This tells me that what's hot on the high street right now is COLOUR! Brilliant! I love it :) 

Above are a few pieces to inspire you to keep the Spring trend shining on through into Summer. Even if the sun isn't shining much, atleast our dresses will be! 

Check out my new poll on the right hand column, please let me know your opinion and get clicking <3

Love LauraClaire

Monday, June 25

Lipcote review

I never used to be much of a lipstick wearer. It's only been in the last couple of years that I've started properly using lipstick and most importantly.. not thinking 'OMG who is that weird looking drag queen' every time I catch myself in the mirror :)

One of the things I've noticed now that I have succumbed to being a lipstick wearing grown up is that it's near impossible to keep the stuff put. It's all over my glass when I take a drink, all over my teeth when I smile and all over boyf's tees when I give him a hug (shhh, I don't think he's realized yet though! hehehe).

I'd known about Lipcote for ages, and I seem to remember it being around for ages. Their website tells me they are celebrating 50 years in beauty so they must be doing something right!

I thought I'd give Lipcote a try in the hopes it might help my lipstick last a little longer. The little bottle is too cute and comes nicely packaged in a card box. As you can see it's all very simple, just a little bit of clear potion, a little brush and just a couple of dabs later and voila! I have to say I was impressed, apart from having a strong smell the lipcote worked well.

You need to make sure any excess lipstick has been dabbed off and that you don't purse your lips whilst waiting for the lipcote to dry (it's harder than you might think!) but very good results once dry. My lipstick stayed put so I'm happy. The Lipcote does change the matte/gloss effect of the lipsticks though which is worth noting. All the same I would recommend it to a friend. <3

Love LC

Friday, June 22

My MUA haul

It's getting close to the end of the month now, and it's pretty much a week before payday so you can tell my posts are getting 'on budget' hehe... I can't help a browse though, even if I can't afford things so love to look around SuperDrug just in case there's something to my liking for a couple of pretty pennies. As it goes there is! MUA MakeUp Academy is new brand to me and is exclusive to SuperDrug, I don't think I've come across them before but judging by the quality of the powder, blush and primer that I bought from them I definitely won't forget them.

As is usual for me at the end of the month, I was attracted to the low prices, I think the blush and powder were just a pound each and the primer was £4! I've been after a subtle rouge blush for a while so was pleased to get this one home to try. I love the colour and it has actually replaced my bright pink Hello Kitty MAC blush! The makeup seems fab and I haven't noticed any drop in quality due to price. The powder is a natural colour and smooth on my face. The primer I like too as it's silky and does seem to keep my make up in place. The only teeny downfall is with the blush lid upclipping from the base. However, it can be easily clipped back on and doesn't unclip when closed.

I'd be interested to test some more of their products. They had a great collection of lipsticks and I'm so fussy with lipsticks so would be great if I found some I liked for £1 too <3

Love LC

Thursday, June 21

My Tatty Devine Collection

On YouTube I have a little nosey video of the contents of my jewellery box.
Take a look I love having a nosey!

It was when I was videoing this clip that I realised just how many pieces I have from Tatty Devine... It's a growing collection and I've no intention of stopping, so here's a little look at what I've hoarded so far....   

This is my most recent piece. It's from their name necklace collection... sooooo, Jeddars is my nickname at my old work... it's a long story as to how it formed.. it was a mix of jedward and mini cheddars! All the same, I was lucky enough to get my very own nickname necklace for my Birthday last year from my lovely work friends! Thanks guys :)

Swing girl and Purley Kings and Queens. I got beautiful swing girls from my Aunty for my birthday. It's a bit bit of jewellery and I love wearing it if I have a block colour high necked top on.. it looks fab! My little purley king I bought down in the Brighton Lanes as a treat. He's cute and petite.

My old work friends spoilt me rotten and new me too well and so bought me this gorgeous glittery autumn leaves on a long chain for my first birthday with them. This is the piece I get the most use out of an is my absolute fav. It's simple, pretty and sparkly.

Ahhh, now this was my first ever tatty buy.. I got it at uni and it cost a pretty penny for penniless student so I loved it lots and lots. It's a great piece to wear to work and always gets lots of comments. I just wish I had the matching magpie earrings! It's my only regret... if only I didnt spend my extra student loan on booze instead : /

Everyone loves a tash and I got this a while back when the tash theme wasn't so 'cool'. As much as I love this cheeky necklace I don't wear it too much these days... guess i'ma trying to be a growed up lady :) 

So, I know you pretty girlies will have some Tatty Devine in your jewellery boxes! What have you got?

I so want the anchor necklace they've had for a little while. What are you lusting?

Love LC 

Thursday, June 14

Simple Plaited up-do in 4 easy steps

Hiya girlies :) 
A little while ago I started the first in my series of easy to do hairstyles that only take 4 steps and can be done in a total rush just before work... what I tend to do with my hair every day! When my hair isn't freshly clean and perhaps has had too much bit of Batiste dry shampoo I like to do this hair style. It's great as it looks a lot more thought out than it really is. Hope you like it..

Step 1. Pull you hair to the side and plait tightly to one side. 
Step 2. Taking pins pull the plait upwards and pin around the top of your head. 
Step 3. Pull out any fringe you have on either side.
Step 4. Fix with strong hair spray and smile :)

Love LC

Wednesday, June 13

Witch Stick Review

I've never been a great believer in spot cures, It's ashame though as I wish they worked wonders! With the lack of sun, I think my skin is feeling sorry for itself and I'm in need of a good spot cure indeed. I'd previously tried the Witch Blemish Control and Spot Prevention Stick.

The instructions read to dab on as much as needed when a spot starts to appear. It says that the Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots. The stick itself is very much like a large lip or blusher stick but in a blue colour. To get more of the stick you push up underneath and pop a bit more out of the top.

I felt that the stick did help clean my face of bacteria. I felt this because it left the skin it was dabbed onto tight and dry which perhaps isn't the best feeling. I didn't notice any fantastic results unfortunately and, like most other spot prevention products, it just helped make me feel a bit better as I was doing something about my blemishes. The other annoying thing was that the stick would stick to the top of the lid as you can see in the photo above. Too Annoying!!

Sadly just another blemish product that promises the world and delivers very little :( Does anyone have a product they swear by? I'd love to try it!

Love LC

Saturday, June 9

Hearts and Studs Lookbook

Charm Bracelet: MissGuided
Top: Topshop
handbag: Zara
Shorts and earrings : River Island
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: Miss Selfridge
Bangle: ChelseaDoll

Love LC

Wednesday, June 6

Cut out and Cage trend

 From left to right: MissGuided, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, BooHoo, BooHoo, River Island, Forever 21, Forever 21

Happy Wednesday fellow trend setters! :) 
If like me you're back to work today. The long weekend went way too fast so here's a little trend post to cheer you up.  Only three days to go <3

 The Cut out, cage and multi-strap trend is big news on the high street at the moment. It's not new of course but, unlike some trends, it's staying put. Above our my favs from some our most loved highstreet brands.

This trend is brilliant as you can go all out in a sexy cut out midrift number or style it up with a cage/lattice top cut shirt. You don't have to have the body of a goddess which always helps ;) 

I don't as yet have any cut outs of my own but I'm considering investing in the Misguided black lattice shirt, it's just too pretty <3

Happy Hump Day my pretties

Love LauraClaire 

Tuesday, June 5

Let Loose and have FUN!

Sunglasses with moustache: River Island
Headband: Miss Selfridge
Bunting necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Sailing boat brochure: Tatty Devine
Pineapple studs: Topshop
Pink Flamingo earrings and necklace: Chelsea Doll
Fruit salad bracelet: Trashy Doll
Striped bow tie: Forever 21
Anchor name necklace: Heidi Seeker
Let loose and bring some fun to your look with kitsch, funky and bright accessories this Summer.
Love LC

Monday, June 4

My signature eyeshadow colour

Since I was about 15 my signature eyeshadow colour has been gold. My first golden eyeshadow was an amazaballs urban decay one that I literally used every last bit of. Don't you think that's so rare? I never finish eyeshadows, EVER! Do you? or is it just me? meh anyways, so gold is my thing. Not sure why. I have kinda olive skin and my eyes are hazel so I guess gold just suits. 

I got the MAC eyeshadow a couple of months ago to add to my vast collection of golden shadows but thought I'd blog about because it's one of the few subtle eye shadow colours that I get compliments from. Even from my boyf and half the time he doesn't even realise I'm wearing makeup, aww love him. 

The colour is MAC Amber Lights Frost and as with MAC is pigment is exactly the same on your eyelids as it comes in the pot. That's what I do love about MAC, if you see a colour you know that that's the same colour you'll get when you apply it. This colour is uber shimmery and a real warm deep gold. I like to apply it to the whole of my eyelid and then use a thin brush to paint underneath my lower lid too. Because the colour is so intense it looks great! 

Anyone else rocking shimmery golds?

What's your go-to eyeshadow colour?

Love LC

Sunday, June 3

Dixi's Vintage Short Shorts

Hi girlies! Hope you're having a fab long weekend and watching the Jubilee on TV or even better LIVE... I watched half an hours worth around my nana's with her. I've spent the morning baking and making my nana's secret indian curry recipe so went around the suprise her :)

A couple of days ago Dixi put out a little tweet in tweetworld about their new vintage and festival inspired range and me being nosy wanted a sneak peak. They sent a mix of lovely goodies including a selection of rings from today's launch "Treasures" with 50+ unique rings, necklaces and bracelets, but what caught my eye were short shorts! Sadly the sun has gone away today and we've got drizzle but all this week it's been glorious so I NEEDED to do a shorts post!

Shorts pretty much rock I think and are perfect for festivals. I'm going down to Bournemouth Summer Ball next Saturday (anyone else going?!?!!) and I can't wait, It'll be shorts on the road trip down for sure. In particular, I'm loving their Finola Soft Leather Festival shorts which look pretty high waisted to me. You can't got wrong with a pair of high waisted shorts, a baggy print top and flowers in your hair at a fesitval.

Bournemouth Summer Ball.... Here I come! <3

Love LC
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