Wednesday, July 25

How to stop your ring from turning your finger green

Hi Girlies! Boy am I happy to be back... big apologies for my lack of posts last week.

For once in my life I have a more than valid excuse.. I was sent to A&E, went into surgery and then had to stay over night in hospital! I know, proper goss hehe. Feeling much better now though and back on the blog thang you'll be glad to know :) Hope you've been well and no insane trips to the hospital like me??

So, a couple of weeks ago I was out with bestie wearing one my fav Accessorize rings when (as per usual) I started to get green finger syndrome. I find that Accessorize rings, despite being B.E.A.Utiful and so bad for green fingerness and for once wanted to find out why.

I did a bit of online googling and found out that fashion ring metals oxidize or react with our skin creating the green bi-product. These are the top 3 recommended ways of preventing it:
  1. Remove your rings whenever you know you will be coming into contact with water. Swimming, washing your hands and doing dishes can all cause the skin on your finger to turn green underneath your ring. Removing your rings and drying your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with water will prevent this from happening.
  2. Apply clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. A coating of the nail lacquer will prevent the ring's metal alloys from coming in contact with your skin. This is probably one of the most effective solutions and the easiest. If the clear polish wears off, you can always add another layer. It will be completely invisible and will work like magic.
  3. Place a layer of underarm deodorant around your finger where the ring lies. Perspiration can cause a ring that is not of very high quality to turn your finger green. The sweat mixes with the metal alloys and leaves behind a nasty green or black ring, and the deodorant will help prevent perspiration buildup in that area. You can do this each time you wear the ring.
P.S. Boyf is playing Dead Space on the Xbox right now and I am literally so scared... does anyone elses play this game?? It's about these mutant aliens on this space ship and it makes me want to cry!

Love LC

Monday, July 16

What I've been wearing from my latest Haul

Miss Selfridge White Blouse 

 River Island Dark Navy High Waisted Hot Pants

Heya Girlies <3 

In my last haul post I showed you a few items I'd bought. I didn't get a chance to show you them on as I was in a bit of a hurry so wanted to do a quick post to show you how I've been styling them :) 

The first photo is a work outfit with my new Miss Selfridge top. I find that you only really get a feel for clothes once you've worn them for a day and I really love this top. The material is so soft and floaty and really girly. I've already had a number of comments about it so I'm pleased!

The other two photos are of my teeny tiny River Island hot pants. These sadly I haven't worked up the courage to wear yet. See I got all dressed up and ready to head out in the outfit above... then sighed and changed into boring jeans! This hot pants buy was much more of a lust item for me. I love high waisted pieces and the shorts are so cute I just had to have them. 

 Lastly, Just a couple of recent buys below from Dorothy Perkins. Nice chunky rings are always a hit and I really liked the pastel skull bracelet.. perhaps a little quirky but hey. Plus they were in the sale for a few quid...Bargain!

Dorothy Perkins Sale

Love LC

Saturday, July 14

Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye: Before and After

Hiya Sweetpeas,

I've been getting a lot of people interested in finding out a bit more about the Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye I use. I posted back in May about dying my naturally dark brown hair bright pillar box red again but in particular you want to know the before and after results.

Original Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye Post 

Above is the before and after results. It's a pretty good before and after as before dying my hair red I had NEVER dyed my hair before... insane I know as now I'm addicted hehe.

So the colour brown you see there is my natural colour. I occasionally used a product called 'Sun In' which you can buy in Superdrug which, when sprayed on a heated with a hair dryer, lightens your hair a little in the places sprayed. I did this to get a bit more depth and highlights into my hair but not very often.

The red colour you see is from my first aplication of Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye. As you can see the colour is brilliant and bright and has slightly lightened by hair because of the peroxide in it.

The red is very bright in the sun but more toned down inside or under natural light which is also good for work. However, like any red colour it does wash out and fade quickly, this bright red won't stay for too long and I wouldn't recommend re-dying very soon due to hair damage.

What I did find was that as the dye faded my hair changed to different colour reds and people would re-compliment me asking if I have redyed my hair. So the fading out process isn't all too bad.

I have thick, fine hair down to the middle of my back and it currently takes only one hair dye kit to dye the whole of my hair. Though if you do have longer hair I would recommend buying two kits as I have to be very precise and stringent with application.

Too any girlies thinking of going red... do it! it's brilliant fun and yep, brunettes can do it too... I'm the living proof hehehe xxxx

Love LC

What I Wore

Shirt: Jack Wills
Vest Top: AllSaints
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Primark
Top: Warehouse 
Jacket: New Look
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Thrift 
Necklace: Warehouse 

Dress: H&M

This are just a couple of outfits I've been wearing in the last week. Looking at them like this has made me realise what a real mix of style I have! No day seems the same really.

Are you like that or do you have a set style? 

Love LauraClaire

Wednesday, July 11

Style Review: The Ear Cuff

In my 'Super Sunday Haul' post I did a little while back I mentioned that I'd bought an ear cuff from Miss Selfridge and that I would do a post explaining it a little more. 

I've seen these around and really love them but didn't buy one as I was a bit hesitant as to how to wear or what to wear it with! I'm always drawn to anything odd or different to the usual same ol' stuff you see on the highstreet. 

So, I thought I would ask the most stylish girlies I know what to wear it with.... you! 

How would you wear it? Do you have one? What do you think would work well with it? Any tips appreciated! 

My initial thoughts are restricted to nights-out part wear. I imagine I'd pair this with a black plain body con dress, high wedges also in black and focus all the attention on the ear cuff and matching sparkly statement jewellery.

You wear it by attaching it to your ear by your lobe piercing and a clip (from a clip-on earing) that clips to the top of your ear. It holds very well and isn't uncomfortable which I was nicely suprised about.

So I've worked out how to put it on now I just need to be brave enough to wear it out! <3

Love LC

Tuesday, July 10

What I wore

Dress: Republic
Bag: TopShop
Heels: Dorothy Perkins
Jewels: Warehouse, Newlook and Accessorize

This is an outfit I wore going out with boyf recently. I bought the dress from Republic a couple of weeks ago and am in love with it! If you've been reading my blog you'll have noticed a couple of posts about the cut out trend. I've got too cut-out dresses which I absolutely love and have been wearing non-stop. We had a really fun night out, the photo was taken after it rather than before hence the shiny face... eww sorry about that. My make up did look better before the night out, promise! <3 

Anyone else braving the cut-out trend dresses?
Love LC

Monday, July 9

Ruby & Millie Nail Polish Review

Good Morning girlies, Hope you've had a fabulous weekend :)

I spent Sunday shopping and eating three courses in the pub with my bestie... more on what I bought in the next few posts! So, onto nail polish... I always go for brights when it comes to polish but am always a little disapointed when it doesn't look as great as my nails as it does in the pot. Does that happen to anyone else? 

Last year I got this bright yellow polish from Ruby & Millie in the hopes that it would be brighter than bright. Ruby and Millie are a great brand and usually really good quality to my hopes were high. Sadly, this polish was a little bit of a let down, it took three coats to get to the opaque yellow below and even then I don't think it looks too fab. 

I've only worn this colour a few times because of it, I wanted the yellow to really pop but it's not strong enough for that. I haven't tried any other Ruby and Millie polishes and, as this was my first I don't think I will bother again. Does anyone have a different opinion? Should I be giving them a second chance? 


Love LauraClaire

Thursday, July 5

Easy PigTail Plaits with a Twist

Morning lovelies <3

As part of my 'beautiful hair in 4 easy steps' collection I've created another look for you. This hair style is very 'Heidi' I think but cute for summer festivals - especially WET summer festivals (sigh!). It's a style my mum used to do for me when I was a tot. I had such long thick hair that I think the plaits were the only safe way to know I wouldn't come home with a hair full of leaves and knots.

So, this is how I did it!
Step 1. Plait your hair loosely in two pigtails.
Step 2. Fold each plait around the back of your head, pinning with grips as you go.
Step 3. Pin down hair ends flat at the top of your head and style parting and fringe as desired.
Step 4. Spray with strong hold hair spray and add in pretty flowers, glittery clips for a Boho feel. 

It took me less than five minutes to do and the great thing about this style is it doesn't need to look perfect- strands of hair out of place all the better :)

Love LC

Tuesday, July 3

Super Sunday Haul

On Sunday I took a little trip into town to have a look around the shops. It was quite innocent I swear. I really didn't mean to buy so much :) I bought from River Island, Accessorize, House of Fraser- Glamourous, Jane Norman and Miss Selfridges. Did anyone else do any shopping at the weekend?

My fav purchase of the day was the ear cuff I bought from Miss Selfridges - something totally wacky I know but I love it! Just got to figure out how to wear it now... a post on that to come later in the week, so keep and eye out. <3

 Pretty thin pastel coloured hairbands and a pastel blue lobster necklace from Accessorize

My bling ear cuff and matching skull and beads necklace and bracelet from Miss Selfridges Diva

Beige maxi skirt with slit up the side and high waisted dark blue hot pants from River Island

Pretty floral patterned cut out dress from Glamourous in House of Frazer

Soft cream work blouse from Miss Selfridges

Black bootcut leggings from Jane Norman

I <3 shopping 
I've already worn the hairbands, skirt, both necklaces and the bracelet :) 

Love LC

Monday, July 2

My Very First Blog Sale

Inspired by the brilliant blog sales going on at the moment by some lovely bloggers I know I decided to do my very own. Instead of cosmetic and beauty product related sales, I thought I would sell jewellery I've picked up on my travels. Lots of thrifted and vintage one-offs just for you!

Please have a good nosy as that's the fun part :)

<3 A little bit of vintage browsing to cheer your Monday <3

Love LC

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