Thursday, January 31


So I'm trying on this dress in Dotty P's. Get all the way into the dressing room when BOOM it hits me.... 'Now £22' sale sticker??? IT COSTS £22 ALREADY! Don't try and scam me with red sale stickers geeeeeesss (I nearly got scammed with red sale stickers)

Rant over.


Laura Claire

Wednesday, January 23

Ted Baker Patent Leather Rocksy Enamel Heart Purse

Ted Baker patent purse with enamel heart shaped fastening, contrast colour lining, 
space for 6 cards and 2 note sections

Hi chickies,

My latest purchase is a new purse.. the last purse I had for near 6 years so I was definitely due a new one!!

I LOVE Ted Baker and have had my eye on this Rocksy Enamel Heart purse for so long. Love the peach pink colour and the cute love hearts. It's patent leather too so is long lasting.

I opted for the smaller purse rather than the larger wallet shaped purse. I usually love a big purse but thought this was more diddy. It fits all of my money and cards perfectly. The only downside is that the coin purse section is a little bit too small for me. I always seem to have so much loose change (wish I could have more notes! maybe one day eh! hehe).

Now I just need the TB bag to match! hehe


Monday, January 21

Miss Selfridge Party Perfect Style Competition

Hi Chickies, 

I'm on a winning streak at the moment...

Just before Christmas Miss Selfridge and Company Magazine held a little competition which I entered and was a runner up eekk yay! Sadly I did not win the £500 Miss Selfridge shopping spree (life sucks lol) but did get a gorgeous little goodie bag of bourjois cosmetics which I thought I'd share with you. 

What was in the bag: 
Two Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polishes in numbers 17 and 14
A Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara
A Bourjois mineral pigment eyeshadow in number 92

I am yet to try out the mascara as I have semi-permanent lashes on at the moment but the eyeshadow is gorgeously pigmented and the polishes are long lasted. 

Favourite cosmetic from the goodie bag is definitely the pink glitter polish in no. 14. So sparkly! 

What are your favourite Bourjois products? Any recommends?


Sunday, January 20

Spoilt! My Christmas Goodies...

Sneak Peek at some of the beauty products that I'll be reviewing in my next posts!

A little bit late to be showing you my Christmas Presents I know but I've been so lazy the last month! Nothing much to say really except how insanely spoilt am I! Far too lucky I know :) and this isn't even all of them...

Thank you so much to my parents, lovely boyfriend, friends and family for all my amazing presents this Christmas.



Salon Review: Dollies Beauty Salon, Kingswood

Salon: Dollies Beauty Salon in Kingswood, Surrey
Treatment: 3D Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Hi SweetCheeks,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow... is it starting to get a bit old now or is it just me being a kill joy? Not looking forward to the journey to work eeek!

So, this is my first beauty salon review, if I forget anything important, please comment below and let me know :) Here goes..

Dollies Salon is in Kingswood Surrey, just on Kingswood's teeny little cute highstreet. It's a fairly small salon but clean, tidy and very pink and girlie. The staff when booking my appointment and throughout my treatment were absolutely lovely. Very down to earth and friendly which always makes a difference. There were no problems or errors with booking the appointment too which is a nag of mine.

I chose to have 3D lashes which cost £60 for a full set and take around 2 hours to apply. Mine took around 1 hour 30mins which I think was very good considering the technician and I were chatting away.

The treatment was done brilliantly; I was asked detailed questions on the look I wanted to achieve with my lashes, their length and curl. There was no discomfort in application which I've heard some other ladies experience when they're not applied properly. I did get a little chilly lying down for so long not moving but I'm always cold: should have bought a blanket hehe.

Overall If you're in the area of thinking of going to Dollies Beauty Salon I would highly recommend it. Brilliant treatments, friendly attentive staff and fab treatment discounts which are regularly updated on their website.


Thumbs up from me! Keep posted for a full review on Semi-permanent lashes. 



Saturday, January 19

Sales Haul: Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and River Island

Hey Snow Bunnies!

Is it snowing where you guys are?? It's chucking it down here, yaaay. Got sent home early from work yesterday eeekkkk. Nearly got snowed in too. Today I'm doing a quick quick haul post, as you'll see from my snow pics below I spent most of my day playing in the snow!

I hit the sales last week and these are my best goodies. Some MAHOOSIIIVEEE beaded dangle earrings from Miss Selfridge which my boyf actually picked out. Think they would look cute for a festival or in the Summer but they do drag your ears down a bit. They were a teeny £5 though so not too bothered.

Next amazaballs find was in Warehouse. OMGISH i'm in love with these cute simple gold butterfly jewels. I've been wearing them all week. Earrings, two rings, necklace and bracelet came to a total of £12, so cheap I was jumping for joy in the shop. I've been after a matching jewellery set that wasn't made for grannies for so long too... yaay!

Lastly my fav of all time is these River Island lace up suede boots. SO FIT! These were the best type of sale buy too where I fell in love with them at the full price of £75 at Blue Water shopping centre but couldn't afford to cough up and so when I found them again (just in my size) in Cheapside London I was over the moon. And at £35 who wouldn't be!

How has your Sales shopping been? What's your best find this year? I'd love to hear from you.




Tuesday, January 15

Time to Celebrate!

LuckyPretty has reached over 10,000 page views!

I'm so so happy, and want to say a massive thank you to you all for your follows, valuable comments and blog lovin' since LuckyPretty's launch back in April last year. It's not yet been a full year but I'm so priviledged to say that LuckyPretty's doing fab!

Looking forward to 2013



Style SnapShot

Lipstick: MAC Diva
Jeggings, clutch and rings: Dorothy Perkins
Heels: TKMaxx
Peplum top: River Island

Hazy pre-drinking eyes: Mine!



Monday, January 14

Polish Style: Dripping Paint Nails

Hi Chickies

Quick nail post inspired by the gorgeous Penny at Seriously that girl has style!! I was having a little gander at her blog when I came accross some photos of her and her nails in the picture caught my eye. She had painted them like the above but using black polish.

Not to copy her EXACTLY I did the same but with Barry M's 310 Mushroom colour beige. It's come out more Brown on my camera but it's beige honestly.

What do you think? Not my usual girlie style I know but I thought it was quite cool.



Sunday, January 13

Review: Balance Me. Pure Skin Face Wash

Hi chicks,

Hope you've all had a fab weekend.. Just before the new weeks begins I'm squeezing in a few minutes to post about Balance Me's Pure Skin Face wash.

I got this cute little face wash as a freebie ages ago but haven't until now had the time to test it out. I'm pretty habitual when it comes to face washes and usually use a Garnier or Simple brand... so I kept forgetting to bring this one with me in the shower.  Today I remembered. Hence the excited posting!! :)

OK, so on checking out their website they've won an array of awards and promise 'beauty that works naturally'. They are UK based and so are the products they create which I love. The company was founded by two sisters back in 2005 mixing away at the kitchen table. Knowing that the brand is British-Made is always a thumbs up to me... there are big brownie points for that :)

The packaging it simple yet cute. Nothing to shout about though in my opinion. It does look quite fresh I suppose which is most definitely what the cleanser smells like; the smell is gorgeously fresh and zingy. The product itself is white and is fairly thick and creamy. It lathers easily but I would prefer a more foamy lather.

The face wash does however get top marks for leaving me with balanced skin. It does what it claims. My skin did not feel even slightly tight once I had got out of the shower and dried. This is a product I would buy myself but perhaps, once I'd tried it, not hook me enough to buy again. What do you think? 

P.S. I won at Monopoly last night so I'm over the moon... property tycoon? I think so! hehehe


Tuesday, January 8

Loreal Revita Lift Moisturiser Review

Hi chickies

Hope the January blues aren't kicking in too bad? Not too long till payday right?! eek!

I love a gimmick and so was kinda sold when I saw Loreal's Rivita Lift Pro Contouring System moisturiser. It boasts dual action treatment; massage and concentrated care. It even claims to show noticable results within a week... a big claim to stake in writing in my opinion. However, the best bit is obviously the strange and painful looking massage tool.. that was what sold it for me! I get aggrevated with big bold and stupid claims with products.

Firstly you use the massager in an upwards motion on your cheek bones, forehead and neck. It feel quite nice I suppose but nothing splendid. Next the pump gives you two different lotions to apply. One is cream coloured whilst the other is a clear gel. I'm not sure which one does what but one has Pro Retinol A which it apparently proven to fight wrinkles. Using two creams does seem fairly luxurious but the bottle doesn't give you much moisturiser and this bottle ran out far too quickly for me.

After a Week's Testing...
Well, I tested the product for a whole week and sadly I can't really claim that my skin is fair more tones than it was before nor are the contours of my face more defined. My wrinkles do appear less visible.. however that might be due to the lack of them in the first place hehe. OK jokes aside, it's a fun product, it works and does moisturise well but I wouldn't say it does all it claims. Bit of a gimmick but, like all L'oreal products, you know you're getting a good quality moisturiser all the same.

Overall a 5/10



Saturday, January 5

MAC Lipstick Haul: Diva and Morange

Colour: Diva (Matte)

Colour: Morange (amplified)

Hi lovies, 

Aggesss ago I went out on a hunt in MAC for lipsticks.. no big suprise there I know! I saw the Diva colour on the make up artist in store and thought 'I need that colour in my life!'. She had quite a dark skin tone and the colour look gorgeously deep and warm. Diva is quite an intense dark colour when not applied which I would never have even thought to pick out so it was great I saw it being worn. 

However, I love it! I've been using it constantly and it's my new winter lipstick.The only downside of having a matte lipstick is it can isn't the smoothest to apply and can dry out my lips if they're not well moisturized.

Morange I spotted afterwards and got on a whim without even trying on. It's beautifully creamy and glossy. The bright pop of red has a lovely orange colour to it.. just as it's name suggests. I use it on nights out mostly but will occasionally use it during the day. Again, a favourite this winter.


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