Tuesday, April 30

HAUL: River Island, Primani, Debenhams, Warehouse

Shopping, shopping, shopping
and a sneaky doughnut.. oops!
River Island heels SALE
Warehouse dress and skirt
Primark bits and pieces
Love the studs
One pound each accessories are too cute
Love the detail on this dress

Hi lovelies,

Above are my latest Haul buys. My favourite purchase is the Warehouse Spotlight dress with jewel detail on each shoulder. Simply my fav because it was a stunning £12.00 in the sale... incredible price don't you think?

There seems to be a running theme with this Haul though. It's all about embellishment. From the jewels on my dress to the studs on heels and hair grips. I'm also loving rose-gold as a colour at the moment and haven't taken off the pretty rose-gold charm hair ties off my wrists since I bought them.

Everything that seemed to catch my eye on this trip was black, grey or rose-gold. I'm loving muted smokey colours at the moment... we just haven't had enough British sun to move into pastels just yet I think. However, the Elmo trainer socks were just too cute not to buy! They are the pop of colour my bleak haul needed hehe.

What have you been buying lately?



Tuesday, April 23

Ear cuff and ring bling and a fun night out!

Ear Cuff: Miss Selfridge
Double ring: Accessorize
Nails: BarryM

 My boys
 Grins all round
 Thumbs up
 Few too many shots!

Hi Chickies,

Few snaps of a much needed night out with my bests. Matching bling? Check!



Thursday, April 18

Aztec Nail Wraps

Hi sweetpeas,

If you're a regular to my little blog you'll know I can't help picking up nail wraps every once and a while.

These lovelies I found at good old Primani so no expense spared at a fab one pound! Bright, Fun and funky.. happy nails <3

Have you tried nail wraps before?



Friday, April 5

Every Time I go Shopping...

        Every time I sneak off shopping I'm always on a quest to find...

The Perfect Foundation

Tights I don't ladder after the first wear

Shoes that colour-match perfectly with my

favourite clutch 

That jaw-droppingly amazing cocktail dress

Finding a hat I could be confident enough to wear

Accessories... All Accessories

ASOS Sheer Spotted Mock Sock Tights £8.00
MAC Mineralize Satin Finish £24.00

TopShop Surrender Bow Platforms £68.00
BeautyBlender - Ultimate Make Up Sponge Applicator £16.00
Topshop Bags - Various 
River Island Red Panama Straw Hat - £16.00
River Island Pink Venus Faded Print Tied Maxi - £45.00

Miss Selfridge Accessories - Various



Thursday, April 4

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye Review



Hi Chickies!

So, if you're a follower of my blog you'll know that a little while ago I was a red head using Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair dye

Since then I decided to let my hair grow and the dye to wash out. Luckily Ombre hair is in fashion and, as the dye lightened my locks, I was lucky to be on trend as it grew out!

However, I fancied a bit of a change and noticed that Schwarzkopf have recently bought out the new Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye range. I picked up the kit for a very reasonable £4. I chose it because it is semi permanent - washing out after around 8 washes. This will keep my locks in good condition and be less chemically harsh.

Because it was semi-permanent I was keen to see how it would take to my hair and if it really would be as bright as Schwarzkopf claimed. How wrong I was to doubt them!! Beautifully bright and healthy hair in under an hour!

The colour I chose was Rasberry Rebel 91. The colour at the tips was a fairly light mousey brown colour initially so came out more of a pinky-red than a bright pink but I love it! The colour would definitely be brighter on lighter hair.

The Kit is easy and quick to use. Because I was dip dying I tied my hair in a pony tale before applying the dye to get an even application just at the tips. This seemed to work perfectly <3 

Schwarzkopf have created a brilliant Semi-permanent hair dye which is a rare thing to find in the high street chain drug stores - two thumbs up and shiny hair all round!

Have you tried out any of the other Schwarzkopf Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye colours? Pillar Box Red and Fiery Copper



Wednesday, April 3

SALON REVIEW: Aldabella, Epsom Surrey

Salon: Aldabella Beauty Salon in Epsom, Surrey
Website: www.aldabella.org.uk
Treatment: Use of the Infrared Sauna, Body wrap, facial and back massage

I went to Aldabella on a freezing cold snowy day a few weeks ago. It was toe curlingly cold and I was eager to get in the warm and start pampering!

The staff were very friendly and I was led straight in for the first part of my treatment; use of the infrared sauna. I spent 20 minutes lounging around in the sauna and warming up which was lovely. This was the first time I had been in an infrared sauna so it was a bit of a novelty. They are supposed to improve the skin and soothe your body so I wasn't complaining. 

The sauna cabin sat in the same room as my treatment was in. It was very comfy and cute. The only failing was that the radio, which was linked into the sauna, was not tuned and so fuzzed and buzzed awfully. After about 2 minutes of it I had to turn the music off. A relaxing CD would have been a bit more appropriate I think. 

The treatment room was sufficient but the door to the treatment room was a flimsy pull accross sliding door which made me feel a little as if I could be seen through it and that I wasn't quite secure. The body wrap was enjoyable but unfortunately the room was far too cold for me and, along with the cold wrap, I was starting to freeze. With wrap applied however I did manage to warm up with lots of towels and blankets and even a duvet placed over me. 

The facial and massage however were fantastic. Perfect pressure and the lady was very sweet and made me feel very at ease. 

The layout of the salon is quite unique. My treatment was downstairs but I managed to sneak upstairs to take a peak. Upstairs was far more luxurious and gave the feeling that the salon specified more in manis and pedis - with a beautiful relaxing layout for both. I did enjoy my treatments but think I would more likely go back to Aldabella for a manicure or pedicure rather than a full body treatment. I've a phobia of cold treatment rooms and that one was just a little too chilly for me. 



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