Monday, March 23

Adding the finishing touches with eframe

Hi lovelies,
So just over a year ago I bought my own flat! I’d saved and saved and scrimped and become a hermit to do it… three years later I had just enough money to buy a little one bed flat just within the M25. I was so proud you wouldn’t believe it. I still am very proud indeed if I do say so myself J
When you live on your own and have a mortgage and bills to pay it’s hard work. I had a little money to buy essentials like fridge/freezer, sofa, bed covers and so on but couldn’t get the luxury of finishing touches I really wanted.

Photo Framing Service - eframe

So I thought myself very lucky indeed with the lovely people from eframe offered to help me out – they even let me use their new online framing tool to design my own dream frame for a piece of artwork one of my favourite artists MissLed had done of me!

Firstly I wanted a photo of me and my boyf to hang. I met him pretty much the same time as I moved into the flat so I suppose I should hang a photo or two up of us by now! They recommended I use their ‘upload, print and frame’ service. It was so easy and simple to use.  I went through the tool step by steps. I uploaded my photo, got the paper it would be printed on, the frame, size of photo, the image mount as well as its colour. I was really impressed by the amount of customisation and, most importantly, that the system worked flawlessly. I didn’t need to sign my life away and login with lots of details, nor did it crash once on me! Within minutes I had my photo and my frame and was ready to go!
Next, as I’d mentioned before I wanted a special frame with specific dimensions for a piece of brilliant MissLed artwork. I’d scoured the shops for ages looking for the right frame but couldn’t find one. Either the mounts were wrong, the frame was too large/small or it just wasn’t pretty enough (very important is prettiness right?). With these tricky specifics they recommended I design my own in the Frame Studio!

The idea of it filled me with delight… I was always the kind of kid attempting to sew skirts and customise tops.. I like designing things my way… this was my dream! So many options to choose from but all so simply displayed and explained it was lovely working through the colour schemes and style to create a frame of as good a quality as the art that would sit in it.
The best feature of it all… the running total that reminds you of the final cost. It shows you the cost of each customisation too so that you won’t let your ideas grow too big for your pocket. Very helpful indeed for me who first subconsciously picked out the most expensive frame I could find! Huuuum
And now for the best bit.. my beautiful frames hung up in my beautiful little home! Go on, have a good nosey hehe
Next time I need a present for a friend or some more photos hung up I won’t fuss around with getting the prints and the frames separately… far too much hassle. Get the prints and the frames together and design your own! Thank you eframe!

Monday, March 2

Top Ten Tips for Spa Quality Relaxation at Home

Hi lovelies,

It's the start of not only a new week but a new Month, Happy March Monday everyone!

Hope your day hasn't been too stressful? Monday's always seem to be the worst don't they! My life is insanely busy at the moment.. I'm doing a part-time self-funded Masters whilst working full time. I have an essay deadline next Monday. I have no money because I'm paying for it myself and I have no weekends because I'm still working full-time so my lectures are Saturday and Sunday full day.

It's one of those things you just have to suck up and get on with I guess, but when the cracking people at Utopia Group sent me this gorgeous luxury hamper filled with Champneys, Baylis and Harding and Spa goodies to inspire me to relax a little I actually took note!

Utopia Group are all about luxurious relaxation. They specialise in setting the perfect scene for spa-like bliss with their bathroom ranges.  They're a UK company (you know I love supporting UK business!) with over 25 years experience too so they're pretty much the experts!

If I've had a hard stress-filled day I tend to do one of two things:

Stick in my earphones, play some happy tunes and go for a long run. The exercise gets my endorphins going whilst the happy music calms me. I always feel ten times better after a good long run!


I do the complete opposite and remain near stationary as I wallow in a hot deep-filled bath mixed with sumptuous smells whilst I apply copious lotions and potions to myself.

I'm a bath kinda girl you see. Even if it's a quick 'wash before bed' it's always got to be a bath for me. I just love having half hour to myself to ease away the aches of the day whilst the heat sleepifies me for bed.. gosh I'm feeling more relaxed just thinking about it!

It's always been the same ever since I was young. If ever I was in need of a de-stress I would run or I would wallow! That action plan has got me through some tough times I'll tell you. It's been tried and tested! hehe

So here's my Ten Top Tips for Spa quality relaxation 
in the comfort of your own home: 

1. Don't skimp on the ambiance. 

We're talking all of your senses here. Turn off that ceiling light and enjoy the soft warm glow that only candles can provide. My favourites are Yankee Candles in any of your favourite scents. They'll do a double duty too.. their gorgeous scent will also please your nose and, if you choose lavender, Jasmine or Rose it's likely to ease you into relaxation mode all the sooner.

2. Lotions and Potions and something Indulgent.

Raid your bathroom cabinets for the facemask, body scrub, bath oils and any other of your favourite bathtime potions. Make sure you strategically place them close at hand... you don't want any reason to have to get out of the tub once you're in!

I'd also recommend having something that's a little more indulgent. I love Neom bath oils and also keep a bottle in the cabinet to make my home-spa relaxation time just that bit more luxurious.

3. Towel Please.

Get those towels out of the hall-way cupboard right now! you don't want to be doing the run for them later on... and pop them on the radiator too so they're nice and warm for later. Don't forget your bathrobe too if you've one.

4. No phones allowed. 

Just like a spa treatment you've got to imagine this time as 'me-time'. Lavish yourself with your own company... you don't need to look on Instagram... you just don't!

5. Find the perfect temperature for you. 

If you look online it says that warm water is the best for relaxation... around 92 degree Fahrenheit. Firstly... who is going to bother to measure the water temperature.. pppftt! And secondly, I think it depends on you.. I like my baths scolding! Just make sure, whatever you're preference, you take some time to get it just perfect.

6. Be you're own beautician. 

Aching shoulders? Give them a massage. Blemishes on your face? Do your own mini facial. Dull looking skin? brighten it up with exfoliation gloves. Don't forget the scalp massage whilst you're washing your hair! It's important to take some time to pamper yourself... even if it is you whose doing the hard work.. the effects are still the same.

Check out this article from the Daily Mail on how to give yourself a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

7. Just breathe. 

So, I don't know much about meditation or 'emptying your mind' but I do like to focus on my breathing every so often to help me unwind. Close your eyes and consciously focus on breathing in all those delicious fragrances - immediate relaxation!

8. Leave it as it is. 

You've wallowed long enough and it's time to come out. But the bath needs cleaning now? oh and I should really just clean the sink whilst I'm at it too, perhaps whilst I should just give the lounge a quick hoover? No, no, no. Leave it until tomorrow, it can wait... and bed is calling...

9. Bath then... 

It's something that reminds me of my childhood. Bath then bed was a common phrase in our household. But bed is just as important as bath. Don't ruin your bliss-like state with an unmade bed and harsh ceiling lights! Candles and even some soothing music will keep you chilled out ready for a deep refreshing sleep.

Try this YouTube link for 3 hours of relaxing spa-quality music

10. Keep scents in mind for a perfect slumber. 

Camomile and Ylang-Ylang are just two of the fragrances that will help you drift off quicker and having a lovely fragrance in your room will add a bit of luxury to your night-time ritual. I recommend pillow sprays just like this one from This Works which contains Camomile, Lavender and Vertivert which comes from the root of an Indian Grass.

Now I'm going to spend this evening doing just that with my lovely hamper!



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