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How to take your makeup from day to night

Hi beauts,

If you’re planning a fabulous day out followed by a glam evening (preferably with cocktails!) choosing the right makeup to match both day and evening can be tricky.

In this ‘how to…’ I’ll show you how I turn my day make up look into a night look with just a little prior planning.

The day makeup look

Think of your makeup application in the morning as applying your base.

Apply your primer, foundation & powder as usual. I use Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect foundation in Warm Beige as it stays put all day. As a primer I use highlighter B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum to make my skin glow. Finally, I dust Rimmel’s Clear Complexion Transparent Powder to finish.  

Sculpt your brows as normal and sweep your blush. Here I’ve used Benefit CORALista blusher and Rimmel’s Professional Eye Brow Pencil in Hazel.

You’re aiming here to have your base make up look set for the day.

Eyeshadow daytime look

This is the important bit. This look should be soft and subtle. I like to use muted colours like taupe, beige, light pinks and soft browns. This creates the perfect setting to pop a key bright colour into as evening hits.

However, be mindful of your colour scheme. A daytime look of soft blues, greys and beiges for example will pop brilliantly for the evening with a bright gold or yellow, or look dramatic with a dark blue.

Always think about what your key bright or dramatic evening colour is going to be and plan your daytime base colours around it.

My go-to daytime eyeshadow look includes MAC Shroom as an all over base. I love using Vapour in the corners of my eyes to make them pop. I use Mulch in the outside crease of my lid as it’s a darker and finish off with a little Mythology blended into the centre of my lid for its beautifully warm pinkish tones.

Finally, apply lashings of black mascara. I use Benefit’s They’re Real.

How to turn day make up to night

So you’ve had a brilliant day and the sun is finally setting. With so much action going on you need an evening look that is elegant and dramatic but can be created quickly and easily (and after a few too many glasses of Prosecco perhaps? Am I right?).

Your prior planning means this is all achievable!

With your base set, apply your key evening eyeshadow colour. Chosen a bright colour? Apply it to the very centre of your eye lid. Chosen a dark dramatic colour? Apply this to the outside crease of your eyelid. Blend well whilst topping up your daytime eyeshadow colours.

I chose MAC goldmine which is a gorgeous bright yellow gold for the centre of my lid to make it pop. I also added depth to the MAC Mulch colour I had used at the outside creases of my lids previously.

Next use your contour kit or bronzer to sculpt your face. Apply in a line underneath your cheekbones, either side of your nose and chin and finally around your hair line. Blend as required. I use and love Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. If your kit contains a highlighter use this along the ridge on your nose, your brow arches and the top of your cheekbones.

Finally, prime your lips with your balm then line and fill them with your evening liner and lipstick. I used here a really dark dramatic lipstick from MAC called Cyber.


What you’ll need in your purse

A transparent powder
A tinted lip balm for day use
An evening lipstick (and lip liner if you wish)
A small eyeshadow palette containing at least 1 of your daytime colours and your evening colour. (I use MAC palettes in various sizes – they’re so handy!)
2 eyeshadow brushes
A contour kit or bronzer
A black eyeliner (for those who can’t live without one!)

The products I’ve used

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation - £14.50 at Boots
Benefit CORALista Blush - £23.50 at Benefit online 
Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder - £3.99 at Boots
B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlight Serum 30ml - £14.99 at Superdrug
Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil - £2.99 at Boots
MAC palette eyeshadows - £13.00 (£10.00 for Pans) at most department stores or MAC online
Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £19.50 at most department stores or Benefit online
Benefit Hoola Bronzer – £23.50 at most department stores or Benefit online
MAC Cyber lipstick - £15.50 at most department stores or MAC online

So that's how I achieve it, what are your tips?




  1. Love this you beautiful women!! Tell me, is you skin naturally that golden? If not please tell me what you use cause its just so tan and natural!

    1. Awww you're too lovely! <3 I do have a natural tan but I'm using Dove's Summer Revive body lotion at the moment to give me a boost.. maybe that? xxxxx

    2. I have that! But i'm using the lightest one, I think its time to bump it up to dark.
      Thank you xxx

  2. Great tips! Gorgeous make up! Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm no MUA but I just love to play around! xxxxx

  3. Love to add a bold lips when doing the makeup for the evening! Xx

    1. Me too, it's the simplest way to do it right! x

  4. I am totally more ''daily'' make up kind of girl and like just a little bit touch on my face but your night make up look is amazing as well - dark lips are my obsession <3
    You look so pretty btw :)

    1. Aww thank you so much beaut! made my day :) xxxx

  5. Great tips and products, thank you!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  6. Such a gorgeous tutorial, loved how you instantly made your look night appropriate with a dark lip. You look gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm | Benefit Cheekathon Giveaway

  7. Amazing day to night makeup look! =D

    NEW POST on


  8. Awesome post and you look beautiful in both looks!!

  9. Great tips Laura! I really love both looks and I can't believe you went from day to night so easily! It looks gorgeous.
    Aurelie |

  10. Beautiful tutorial and Great tips! A really beautiful day to night makeup look! Thanks for sharing!

    Face to Curls |

  11. ooo! both so pretty!!

  12. You are so gorgeous! Your skin is seriously amazing. I like how you've updated the look from day to night with just a few products!

    Rachel xx

  13. Very pretty!

    I want your skin its amazing!! x

  14. Great tips of transforming a daytime look into a nighttime one, you look amazing in both! A dark lip can be so much fun and instantly adds drama with minimal effort!

    ISA Professional


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