Monday, April 23

Tempted by sparkle lashes

I'm like a little magpie when it comes to make up and beauty bars. So when I popped into Superdrug the other day this product Glitter Lashes by Barry M caught my eye immediately. I haven't seen anything like it before and liked the idea. Is this something new or is it just me? Do any other brands do something like this?
There were a number of different sparkle colours but I chose a pretty Purple glitter.

You twist the tip to push the glitter out and onto the brush tip. I applied my mascara and let it dry before brushing on the glitter. It doesn't give your lashes the biggest sparkle ever but the effect is quite subtle and does catch the light during the day I noticed. It's funny though because I bought it thinking it would be great for party lashes but it doesnt really seem to show up at all unless in daylight.

Overall I love the idea and think it's cute little gimmick if you have a few penny to spend but I wouldn't recommend it as a best buy girlies. What do you think? 

Love LauraClaire

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