Wednesday, July 25

How to stop your ring from turning your finger green

Hi Girlies! Boy am I happy to be back... big apologies for my lack of posts last week.

For once in my life I have a more than valid excuse.. I was sent to A&E, went into surgery and then had to stay over night in hospital! I know, proper goss hehe. Feeling much better now though and back on the blog thang you'll be glad to know :) Hope you've been well and no insane trips to the hospital like me??

So, a couple of weeks ago I was out with bestie wearing one my fav Accessorize rings when (as per usual) I started to get green finger syndrome. I find that Accessorize rings, despite being B.E.A.Utiful and so bad for green fingerness and for once wanted to find out why.

I did a bit of online googling and found out that fashion ring metals oxidize or react with our skin creating the green bi-product. These are the top 3 recommended ways of preventing it:
  1. Remove your rings whenever you know you will be coming into contact with water. Swimming, washing your hands and doing dishes can all cause the skin on your finger to turn green underneath your ring. Removing your rings and drying your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with water will prevent this from happening.
  2. Apply clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. A coating of the nail lacquer will prevent the ring's metal alloys from coming in contact with your skin. This is probably one of the most effective solutions and the easiest. If the clear polish wears off, you can always add another layer. It will be completely invisible and will work like magic.
  3. Place a layer of underarm deodorant around your finger where the ring lies. Perspiration can cause a ring that is not of very high quality to turn your finger green. The sweat mixes with the metal alloys and leaves behind a nasty green or black ring, and the deodorant will help prevent perspiration buildup in that area. You can do this each time you wear the ring.
P.S. Boyf is playing Dead Space on the Xbox right now and I am literally so scared... does anyone elses play this game?? It's about these mutant aliens on this space ship and it makes me want to cry!

Love LC

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  1. Great tips & tricks will be keeping these in my mind :)



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